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Lebanon, tn

All are welcome, regardless of race or culture. All faiths or religious backgrounds are welcome.  Agnostics, Atheists, or those with independence of belief.  All are welcome regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression or relationship status.  All are welcome regardless of addiction, past imprisonment, or socio-economic circumstance.  

Adult Counseling Services


Don't like the idea of examining your personal life in a sterile office?  Feel like traditional "Talk Therapy" hasn't helped?  This is where the vision for TN Nature Therapy began.  


I am not your typical Therapist!  You won’t find me sitting in a chair with a notebook, spouting psycho-babel at you in an authoritarian way.  For those that know me, I am as casual as they come and make it a top priority to be genuine and have a relaxed atmosphere for both of us to connect. So if you are looking for someone “square” I’m probably not a good fit!

I use a multi-theoretical approach to work on Mind, Body and Spirit. I believe our life systems are a working triad.  If one part of ourselves is not healthy, it will effect the other areas of our self as well.   You can not have a healthy mind, without also having a healthy body and healthy spirit. We will focus on all three areas, helping you to heal fully and live the life you deserve.

For online sessions, I often incorporate homework that includes active movement like yoga, spending time outdoors or even gardening.  I utilize ecotherapy for most of my counseling work, so in person sessions will be on trail at a local park.

Specializing in:​

  • Work related stress for those in the Helping Professions

  • Family of Origin/ Generational Trauma

  • Grief

  • Trauma

    • Religious/ Domestic Violence/ Abuse

    • PTSD

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Life Coaching

  • Relationships

Amanda Nowlin, LPC-MHSP
Certified First Responder Counselor

About Amanda

Amanda received her BS in Sociology and MA in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education from Tennessee Tech University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Counseling and Supervision program at TTU. She holds dual licenses as a LPC-MHSP and Professional School Counselor. Amanda has experience doing individual, couples, and group therapy in community mental health, adolescent correctional settings, K-12 public schools, and in private practice. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified First Responder Counselor.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, backcountry camping, trail running, gardening, and any other excuse to be in the woods. Her long term goal is to build a self sustaining homestead in the country with her two children and dogs


She loves getting first timers out into nature to experience the life changing effects that the outdoors can offer. 


  • LPC-MHSP (TN Lic#4470)

  • Certified First Responder Counselor

  • RYT-200 Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Professional School Counselor

  • Certified MBE Facilitator (Mindfulness Based Ecotherapy)

  • dtWFA certified  (Disaster/Wilderness First Aid)

What is Nature Therapy? 

Nature Therapy, also known formally as Ecotherapy, is an umbrella term for interventions within nature that are used to treat well being.  
Ecotherapy is applied Ecopsychology.  Ecotherapy is also sometimes referred to as Nature Therapy. 
Ecopsychology studies the relationship between human beings and the natural world through ecological and psychological principles.

Within Ecotherapy, practitioners use nature and nature-based activities as a tool for behavioral intervention.  There are many types of Ecotherapy and some or all of these techniques can be used.  Adventure therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy Interventions (AAI), Green Care- care farming and gardening, exercise, forest bathing, and nature arts/crafts to name a few, are all ways to incorporate ecotherapy into the counseling framework and the healing process. 


I may use any or all of these in sessions in order to help clients process and address their core concerns.  

What does an
Nature therapy
session look like?

There is no typical nature therapy session. I have found that lack of physical activity and immersion in nature can inhibit healing,and therefore sessions will be filled with movement and will manifest organically. We will meet at a local greenway/ trail/ park for our session using nature as our guide. We may hike the entire session, explore, work on activities, just sit and talk, or even exercise. Each session is tailored to the expressed goals of each client.

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